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Attention Fellow Furs: Jan. RCFM Newsletter

10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... LIFTOFF!
The OFFICIAL, one and only newsletter of Rocket City FurMeet (RCFM)

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2007
Huntsville, Alabama, USA (Earth, Sol, Sector 001, Alpha Quadrant)

- Registration Now Open!
- Check us out on Second Life!
- Programming Up!
- Call for Volunteers!



We have very special guests joining us in Huntsville for our rocket
ride this year.

Our author guest of honor is none other than the wonderful Mr. Jeff
Goode. Jeff Goode is a director, actor, and the author of over 50
plays, musicals and children's shows, including The Eight: Reindeer
Monologues, the cult serial Larry and the Werewolf, and the
shock-comedy Poona the F***dog and other plays for children. Currently
living in Los Angeles, Jeff has written television pilots for Fox,
UPN, USA Networks, Canal Plus, and two for MTV, including the pilot
for Undressed. For the Disney Channel, he created and executive
produced the animated series American Dragon: Jake Long.

Joining us as our Artist Guests of Honor are Robert & Margaret
Carspecken, who are best known these days for having created the
original "furry" cookbook, Sweet Treats, and for the online comic
strip "Faux Pas." Known mainly for their love of foxes, they currently
live at and work from their seven-acre farm in the Missouri Ozarks
(hence, OzFoxes) and they sell their fox-related artwork both online
and at convention art shows around the world.

Joining us as our fursuiter guest of honor is the wonderful and
talented AnimeCat, a red-haired golden housecat hailing from Little
Rock, Arkansas. By day, she works for the state university hospital,
but by night she is a crazy, rampant artist, bent on ruling the world
through pointless doodles. She is an awarded costumer, having placed
in convention competition around the country, such as Archon, Anime
Weekend Atlanta, MidSouthCon, and Project A-Kon.

And last but most certainly not least, our panelist of honor this year
is the totally awesome Commander Kitsune. One of his professors in
college described him as a jack of all trades, master of none. He was
right on. Commander Kitsune dabbles in audio and visual trades, works
as a computer systems architect, spent 24 years with the military, and
still maintains his "chops" as a musician. He was a panelist at his
first con, teaming up with Fred Ladd on how religion was represented
in anime. Since then, he's been on panels at nearly every con he's
attended and on almost every topic. His favorite type of panel:

All these guests will be riding with you on our spaceflight today. Be
sure to have your boarding passes ready...



In order to ride the rocket, you'll need a boarding pass!
Pre-registration for Rocket City Furmeet V closes at Midnight on May
17th, 2007, so be sure to get those pre-registration in soon!
Remember, you can get a single-day membership for $20.00, an attending
level for $35.00, a sponsoring membership for $45.00, a
super-sponsoring membership for $75.00 and our top of the line booster
membership for $160.00.

Don't forget about our PREDATOR and PREY discounts. If you are a
returning RCFM attendee who is bringing one or more people who are
attending RCFM for the first time, you can get discounts off your
membership of $5 per attendee!

To pre-register for Rocket City Furmeet: The Fourth Dimension, head on
over to our website:



Rocket City FurMeet is in Second Life now! We have created a detailed
model of our good ship (hotel) for you to enjoy. Be sure to drop by
and meet your fellow crew and passengers.

Sign up to SL and join the real life staff and attendees of RCFM for
furry fun and chat. Each weekend we host a dance party, DJed by our
own DJ Wolfie and Foxxy DJ, Charles. Our space rink is "low-lag" and
we offer virtual skates and rave stuff for sale. In the quiet times,
hang out in our pool, courtyard, and other areas. We even have our
Barnyard Market with avatars and other items for sale! Our RCFM in SL
Staff (which happens to be several of our real life staff members)
will be happy to assist you with most of your SL questions. Rocket
City FurMeet, making it real...and virtual!



Your voyage would not be complete without some in flight
entertainment, and there we are happy to announce that we have you
more than covered. The Magical Programming Jaguar is at it again and
is putting together a fantastic year for you this year. To see what he
has in store for you this year, check out!

And if you thing that's stellar, then check out the stars you'll see
performing on RCFM's main stage, including multiple performances by
the furry bands Sub-Level 03 and Critical Fail! And, of course, who
could forget the fully-stocked galley for all your food and drink



It takes a lot of work to make RCFM happen and we all appreciate
whatever help we can find. We have lots of positions in the meet where
we need additional help, including security, gophers, morning furs,
and game masters to run roleplaying games. Oh, and did we mention the
rewards? Check out the website at for
information on lending a paw at Rocket City Furmeet V.

Think you have what it takes to become one of the elite, one of the
RED SHIRTS? Volunteer for the RCFM Security force and help 2007 be the

And finally, we want news of our launch to spread all over the
galactic net. If there is a mailing list or someplace this newsletter
should reach and has not please feel free to re-post it there!

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2007
Huntsville, Alabama, USA (Earth, Sol, Sector 001, Alpha Quadrant)
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